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What's the best solution for a 1 hp 575V 3 phase machine wihen you have 240V 3 phase?


Nov 3, 2003
Phelps, NY, USA
What's my best path forward? I purchased a 36" powered slip roll at an auction and discovered that it was from Ontario with a C face 1 hp 575V motor and the control cabinet has a small 600V-120V transformer in it for the starter.

What is the most economical and straight forward solution?

1) Get a transformer to step up the 240V three phase generated by my American Rotary phase converter and install it on the machine?
2) Replace the motor with a 240V three phase motor and either replace or reconfigure the starter
3) Replace the motor with a single phase reversible motor.
4) ??? Any other solutions out there?


Feb 27, 2001
Redwood City, CA USA
Here's how I tackled the problem on a mill with two motors - link. My approach seems like a lot of effort for only a single 1-hp motor. YMMV, but I would opt for your solution #2, assuming you already have the RPC. Else, opt for my version of #4, which would be #2 but driving the replacement motor from single phase 240 with a VFD.