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Where should I sell my lathe and mill?


Jan 18, 2024
Hi all, I'm trying to find the best place to post some machines I don't use for sale. What have been the best places to sell?
For reference, I have an Acra Turn LC-1340G Lathe and also a dinosaur of a machine E.M. Heald - Precision 500 Mill. Thank you for your help!IMG_0968.JPG
I had that lathe at work. Man, I never hated a piece of machinery so badly. That's what made me start taking work home.
Hadn’t seen a Heald 500 before so did a little digging. 7”x34” table. B&S #9 taper or #40 like the OP’s mill looks to have. Should have an outside support for arbor as standard. Options included a double swivel vertical head or a single swivel with downfeed. I like having a stout little horizontal in the garage at home and if I didn’t already have a Tom Senior Major, I’d be tempted to take it on as a rebuild. If cheap…
Too far to travel, but I'm looking for a compact horizontal like that.
Don't have a lot of room and can't move anything really heavy into the basement.