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Which lathe to buy? New Doosan vs used Haas??


Oct 10, 2009
Anybody know if this machine has a tensioned ballscrew in X axis? Im assuming this is standard on any lathe these days, but I dont see Haas bragging about it anywhere. And searching the word "ballscrew" in the service manual brings up a bunch of topics on thermal growth. Dont look real good. Can they actually be this bad? Who in the right mind actually buys a brand new Haas lathe?

The only time I've ever looked at a Haas machine and thought "that looks like a decent machine" was a few months ago checking out a pair of new VF3YT/50's at another shop. The two Haas's replaced one 20 year old Kitamura. The pair of Haas's were keeping up with the work the one Kitamura did. I asked how the extendable air blast cylinder dohickey was working for them since all they do is toolsteel. The shop said it was a joke, didn't work for shit. They'd already bypassed it and ran a hardline to the spindle nose.

So it seems like a fair assessment that a pair of brand new 2022 Haas's is equal to one mid-level Japanese machine from two decades ago. In Haas's defense, the pair of Haas's was half the price of one new Kitamura.