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Who is the Moderator of Bridgeport and Hardinge forum


Hot Rolled
Dec 9, 2013
Fort Wayne, IN
You spelled "Tom" wrong lol

My only issue with being totally on board with this is that I dont want people to think that it has become an H&W forum or that there would be any push for the shop to be the only shop talked about. I discussed with with JR when he started getting real sick.



Oct 29, 2010
Dewees Texas
Actually I thought it is was going well here. Milicron asked about leaving JR's name as moderator with him doing it behind the scenes, I think.
Before when the previous moderator was mostly absent you could ask practicalman or one of the others to delete a spam or something else that needed it.
Larry is certainly the most knowledgeable on the Hardinge lathes, not sure if the moderator needs to be the smartest in the room. Gaskill on the gunsmithing side only chimes in when things get out of hand or there is a question he can answer that is not being answered.
If being moderator meant hearing less of Larry, I would not be for it.