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Who was Hercules? (lathes)

or are these things meant to bolt directly on the concrete using the unthreaded holes and use the threaded holes for leveling?
My first thought is to install any machine as per manufacturers instructions but there seems to be a real aversion to doing that in the US. I’ve never really understood why but it’s a fact.
I don’t like those mounting feet, they just take you higher off the ground. If you aren’t prepared to install it as per the instructions I’d just shim it level off the concrete.

I’ve told these stories before but repeating them does no harm. I saw a guy put a length of 3/4 “ round bar in the lathe. It was sticking out the back about 3 or 4 ft. When he switched on without checking the speed first it went straight to top speed. It bent the bar at 90 degrees almost instantly. The bar started beating the ground and lifted the holding down bolts about 2” out of the concrete. The guy ran away. It was only the fact that the lathe was bolted down that prevented it from falling over.

Another time at college. We’d had to do a job the involved boring an out of balance component in a four jaw chuck. At break time, when the instructors weren’t there, the class clown decided it would be a good idea to put the lathe on top speed “ just to see what would happen “ .
This lathe was on those mounts in the illustration above. He switched the lathe on at top speed, within a few seconds it was starting to rock alarmingly. Only the isolator being thrown prevented it falling over as by then it was too dangerous to go near it.
Just saying. It’s your lathe, not mine.

Regards Tyrone