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Why all the animosity towards Titan and others like him?

I don't know em, it's not my field, .......... but how about making it easier to know what's beeng made, where and is what quantity.
what value could that provide to anyone? especially in a way that would be detrimental to the alleged victim company/country?
It's envy of his success being guised by "I dOnT lIkE hOw He SaYs BoOm". He hasn't done anything except promote the industry and provide amazing resources for beginers.

Imagine you're an 18 year old looking for information about a potential career, do you think it would be more compelling to read the book on the left or watch some of the videos on the right?

It's envy of his success being guised by "I dOnT lIkE hOw He SaYs BoOm". He hasn't done anything except promote the industry and provide amazing resources for beginers.

Imagine you're an 18 year old looking for information about a potential career, do you think it would be more compelling to read the book on the left or watch some of the videos on the right?

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I'm 67 years old and I prefer to watch the videos on the right myself! That book on the left is boring sh^t at my age. When I was in my teens, I studied that book over to cover and used it a lot. I hardly ever open it now days for information.
You are assuming this........do you have actual facts?

It's a fact and if you knew anything about how IP addressing works you'd know that.

But - you don't.

My laptop is running a program called Little Snitch that blocks all outbound connections to ANY server ANYWHERE unless I explicitly permit that process to connect to the remote server. Any decent router can do the same. You just have to know how to do it.

One of the reasons I don't use Fusion 360 is the amount of outbound connections it wants to establish is insane. I've NFI what they're doing or why so I don't use it.

My bad..lol
I should replied different... you are assuming

Neither one of us really know about this...........may or may not be monitored?
The info being sent may have no appearance of "stolen"...just some info going somewhere...may not even leave the country but go to a sever here which is
stored and sent later?
I am not assuming anything and while I'm not a cisco engineer, I do know a little about networking. You can easily find out for yourself how it works, all the information is online.

Short version because I am thinking y'all are a bit lazy :)

To transmit information between computers (or other hardware such as tablets, phones, etc) there's a five layer stack from the hardware to the impulses that carry the information. Bottom layer is hardware, top layer is the "protocol". Ethernet is a "protocol". That's a standard way of organizing the impulses that go over wires or radio between devices. It's all on-off, on-off, there is no other way. Morse code at high speed, sort of.

Data is not sent in a continuous stream like electricity. It is cut up and sent in "packets", like a collection of of coal cars. Each packet has a defined organization, as illustrated above. Every packet has to have the sending address, the receiving address, the "payload" of whatever it is transmitting, and some control stuff.

So your sending device takes whatever it plans to send, cuts it all up into these packets, and offers them to the wire. The internet is like a spider web. At every junction there is a router. Packets do not have to be in a row, they don't have to go the same way, they can and do take any path available to get to the end point. To use the train analogy, the coal cars do not have to go in the same train or even on the same railroad. They get spit out from a mine on one end, go by whatever route is quickest across the country, then get reassembled into a big pile on the other end, to go into a ship.

At the other end the receiving device takes all the packets it gets, reassembles them into a coherent file, and plops them down in your inbox as a file.

It doesn't matter whether it goes over copper wires, fiber-optic wires, or radio waves, this is the basics of how networking works. All of it. You can see how anything going to or from anywhere has to have addresses and it also has to go through routers.

You and I cannot do this but a government most certainly can : there is one (I think they are laying a second ?) cable across the pacific and a couple across the atlantic. You just monitor the packets.

There are much bigger better tools for professionals or nations but to verify I'm not talking out my ass, install wireshark (address noted about ten times above) you can see exactly what is in each packet -- the data as well as the addresses.

This is one thing that makes wireless so insecure : the packets go by radio. anyone nearby with the correct hardware can capture those packets, look inside them and see what you are sending. Online banking from a bench in the park is possibly a bad idea :)

For the people controlling the routers ? there are no secrets on the internet. None.

Encryption ? Yes. You can scramble the bits in the data area so they don't go back together easy. The DoD has pretty good decryption tools, I will guess ... but that doesn't matter either. If you know where it comes from and you know where it goes, it's pretty easy to backtrack and see what is going on. It's also easy for a big power to dump those packets entirely, if they are truly worried about espionage.

The whole thing about "China spying via TikTok !" is total, stupid, halfwit, drooling imbecile crap. It's not possible.

It would be possible for TikTok (for example) to be sending various data back home. But it's not possible for this to be undetected. All this stupid, mentally-retarded crap out of congress is paranoid garbage, spread by imbeciles who couldn't tie their own fucking shoes if you paid them a thousand dallars per tie. They are so stupid I am amazed they can remember to breathe.

In the case of TikTok, the likely reason for the turmoil is twofold : "China is bad, the enemy !" is an easy way to divert people from the absolute incompetent filth that is congress. The second part is, TikTok is way more popular than facesit or youboob. Google and Marky-baby don't like that. It hurts their ability to buy mid-size islands to host parties for the other a-listers. What easier way to destroy competition than jingoist paranoia ?

btw, the P in "what about gprs ?" question above ? It stands for - you guessed it - "packet".

For commercial use, such as people cellphones, laptops, desktops, IoT, spying televisions and paranoia-fantasy nc machines ? It's all ethernet. The only other protocol that was commercially viable, ever, was token ring and that's been dead for forty years. To be viable for spying, packets have to get from somewhere to somewhere. Explain how, without any vehicle for transmission or anyone seeing them. Go ahead. We'll wait.

All speculation but all possible.
Some things are not possible :) You are not going to wake up one morning, walk into the shop and find that the Delta drill press has become a Makino horizontal overnight. Sorry :D
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I don't have an evil mind so I'm clueless....lol
Seriously doubt it happens anyway...with CNC machines that is....
They (not just China here) are getting enough off your phone, car, computer to worry about a cnc machine.......
why fuss about it then?
like i said, not a single person thats ever complained about china 'stealing' data from cnc machines could ever give any hint of what they could possibly do with said data, and how they could possibly hurt anyone with that data...
crying for the sake of crying? not just you btw, talking about people that do this in general.
Speaking of China. There are a lot of Chinese and mainland Asians here in New Zealand. There used to be a small little grocery type store that was Chinese owned here. It was only a little place but on the roof was a 6-8 foot diameter satellite dish. This thing was huge. I don't know what tv channels they were trying to get but they really wanted to pickup something.
Young people have too much.
They have never been hungry or needed for anything.
They never had to be responsible for anything, so they
have no pride or self worth, and hence no motivation
to learn or do anything. If life is hard, at least it forces
you to think for yourself. This is what we lack today.
And with birth control brings lack of responsibility and
single mother households, and the child grows up without
a balanced influence of a traditional family, no wonder the
child has no skills and no aim.

I have to agree. Since me and wife started dating our kids (technically my step kids but 16 years and counting) have never known going to bed hungry or having the lights turned off because we didn't have the money to pay the power bill and buy groceries, and don't get me wrong I am glad for that because I knew it all too well growing up, but at the same time I believe those experiences instilled a work ethic in me to never ever be in that position again. Now my oldest two are workers and have no issues with putting in the days to make it happen. My youngest is on the spectrum and struggles a little bit, but is still a good worker. A lot of their friends are totally different and do not have the work ethic that they do.
Built a rep on bringing manufacturing back to America... signs a deal with communist China to sell commie machines for dirt cheap. You can look up all of these articles about Chinese 3D Printers and Drones sending data back to China...China has a law specifically requiring customer data to be sent back to China. Look it up. Do you believe that these CNC machines aren't going to send part data back to the commies.... China thrives to rip us off...
dude is a hypocrite.
I am not even going to touch on the fact that kids watch his videos where he is absolutely destroying spindles and then go back to their shop and do the same thing....
In what video did he destroy a spindle?
Absolutely. There's books and books and books about how ethernet works. It's not a secret by any means. For lazy people, here's the structure of a frame

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Here's the address for wireshark, a free open sores (? maybe, I think ?) wire sniffer which you can use yourself, it will show you every single frame coming into or out of your computer, router, switch, or wherever you put it.

Install it on your computer and see a lot of interesting things headed from your browser to various places ... and block them, if you like :) Put it on your home router and block the whole mess from your home and office to mark and sergei.

less technical

There's even commercial software that works this way - Little Snitch for example, which lets you block any packets to any addresses you like, coming in or going out of your mac. There's nothing as clean for loonix or windows but there's "ipfilter" which does the same thing except more cumbersome.

Wireless works the same way, it's still ethernet, just via radio rather than over copper wire.

And token ring would be just as easy to detect and read, altho I'm fairly certain there's no underground token ring wiring from omaha to beijing either.

It is all easily detectable and readable. There is no fucking way you could secretly transmit valuable information anywhere via the internet without it being easy to detect. Or even non-valuable information ...

Which leaves them carrier pigeons :D
Been using packet or wire sniffers for years and EmGo is 100% right. If you know where and how to look you can monitor all data and traffic. EmGo a question for you...Remember this from back in the day
ping <ip address> -l 65500 -w 1 -n 1
For the ones you caught trying stupid stuff.
but since you like linux it would be
ping <ip address> -s 65500 -t 1 -n 1
instead lol
Really don't care one bit about it.....my"internet /phone" presence is very limited...
Many more beneficial things in life than having my face in front of a screen of any size........
i mean, it certainly looked like you cared, you commented about china 'stealing' data from cnc machines... with zero proof.
So...if your CNC is tied into the web....do you really know if anything is actually going somewhere?
Nope....not saying it is....... but the opportunity is there.
This includes any brand of CNC ......
Don't see my statement as stating someone is "stealing info".......
If you have two-way communication, whatever the device, info can be gathered.
Think you took more from my statement than was intended....:)
If you have two-way communication, whatever the device, info can be gathered.
To a certain extent. In theory, devices would be designed so that an application only has access to its own stuff. A website, for example, should not be able to see anything but itself in your browser. However it has been to google and apple's advantage to be able to spy on everything. Therefore, a lot of information that should not be accessible, is. The loopholes are there on purpose.

People are unreal. They love apple and rush to install chrome on their phone and computers. This is like buying your own telescreen and putting posters of big brother on the living room wall, with candles and prayer mats. It's beyond belief but it's also reality. Google in particular is using your data to manipulate you.

But the silly part is, how the hell is "china" or for that matter any foreign nation going to be doing any spying ? The paranoid comment was "chinese machines sending data back to commie beijing !" Ignoring the fact that any data cnc machines can have is pretty much part programs, and possibly runtime and location info -- how are these machines going to send this data to our communist overlords ? Take an ethernet cable, cut the end off and the little data packets can fly like electrtonic mosquitos halfway around the planet ?

No matter if it's machine tools or tiktok, "data" has to go though cables via the internet through routers that at the very least the fbi or cia or dod has access to. Throughtout all this stupid shit, no one has ever said "Look ! Here's data packets from tiktok containing personal banking and missile location info going to an ip in beijing ! See ? Right here !"

Never. It's all stupid, uninformed, impossible speculation and paranoia.
Emgo..FYI I did actually read your post explaining the packets etc....learned some stuff.
You'd have learned it faster if you found a good online description :) and sorry about the one I came up with - a quick look seemd okay but in fact it was pretty crappy :( /me bad.

But I think people today should have a basic understanding of how networking works. There's so much scare tactics in the press and coming from google and apple. Sure, you need to be careful but a lot of what they peddle is strictly to promote their own stuff. This whole https thing ? It doesn't enhance "security" in the tiniest degree. It's all to keep places from replacing google ads with their own. Honestly, that's the entire reason for this stupid crap and the whole world just gobbled it up.