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Why does everyone look for a "do everything software"?


Sep 8, 2018
Task is a noun, dear. How about you go back to the dictionary and see if you can find a verb ?

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past tense: tasked; past participle: tasked
assign a piece of work to.
"NATO troops are tasked with separating the warring parties"
make great demands on (someone's resources or abilities).
"it tasked his diplomatic skill to effect his departure in safety"

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Sep 26, 2021
Yes, you are missing something, they are not. That's crap. His initial post is full of stupid-shit gobbledygook "modern" usage. Given the presentation, I'd expect the product to be about as useful.

I (regret)/(am regretful) if my post rubbed you the wrong way. My only objective is to try to solve problems and, even more so, try to identify what problems that exist or are worth solving. I can accept the feedback of sounding like corporate-speak; I do recognize I adopt a different lingo just to fit in and feel understood. But I do genuinely care about the problem I'm trying to solve and the questions I'm asking. If you have any advice I'm all ears and would love to get in touch and learn where I could improve. I welcome any criticism if it helps with improvement.