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Will I be frustrated with a Haas TM2?

We picked up a TM1P at the beginning of this year as our first CNC Mill. Very similar use to what you're describing. Short runs and light production though we are primarily running 6061 and plastics. A few longer / narrow benchtop machine baseplates and fixtures for the production and assembly work we do. We have machined some extrusions with the side windows open and parts hanging out.

So far I am pleased with it. Haas control is user friendly. Resale on Haas stuff is pretty great should we decide to upgrade to something beefier, though I could see us just hanging on to this machine and adding another.

I have little experience with other machines but I can say I haven't been disappointed yet. I would definitely recommend the TM2(P) vs the TM2 for the upgrades is adds.