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Winchester 94 Takedown Conversion


Jan 22, 2010
Western Washington
What I did with my evening.

Winchester 94 Takedown Conversion (gunloads.com)

This is why I thought or remembered his name as Tyler/Taylor
The Alaskan CoPilot and the Alaskan Guide-The finest big bore lever rifles in the world! (archive.org)
And the live site
1892 Alaskan Takedown Chrome 16" .357Mag | Taylor's & Co. (taylorsfirearms.com)

A huge Thank You Roy Bertalotto...
It really is just this easy. Along the way you'll find out just how easy it is to fornicate the canine ( sight dovetail machining by a hammer wielding chimpanzee on some designer drugs).
Rossi 1892 Winchester Take Down Conversion | RVB Precision

More old skool madness. Good place to get lost for a few hours (days?)
THINGS THAT GO BANG! | Rbertalotto | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy.

The NRA gunsmithing handbook even got on the band wagon.
Amazon.com: The NRA Gunsmithing Guide - Updated: 9780935998474: Ken Raynor, Brad Fenton: Books

So, my point is, if you really want a takedown, it isn't that hard.

I did a deep dive last night for Brother Ben. He had shown a serious interest in a takedown lever carbine/rifle but had some curious specifications.
Did not want to desecrate an original even if it was in an obsolete caliber.
Did not want to desecrate an original even if the bore was dark and non-existent rifling.
Did not want to desecrate an original even if the original finish was less than 10%
Did not want to pay for an original even if ...

Likes the later AE
Likes octagon barrels.
Likes color case hardening.
Has a thing for odd calibers like 7-30 W Imp
Motorcycle carry/transport
Truck gun. Would forgo color case hardening for SS.
Boat gun. Would forgo color case hardening for SS.
Is willing to have a hack machinist/gun-plumber attempt it. (umm, me)
Is a talented wood guy (good, I'm not)
Doesn't mind doing the detail work. (The last 10% is 90% of the work)

I just thought If I was going to donate 3 scotches and as many hours to scour and sift through the interwebz for this I may as well share.