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Wiring a VFD to a receptacle a viable option? (Bridgeport)

Can't answer your motor question directly.

My previous step belt B'port ran on a static for the 18 to 20 yrs that I owned it with no problems other than the Phase-A-Matic failed after about 16 yrs. I have been using a WYN static since (both on the previous mill (till I upgraded) and my current step belt B'port mill. A few yrs ago I added a 3 hp idler to the mill (sits on the floor behind the mill as a poor boy rotary for the mill using the static to start). The 3 hp motor is unfortunately a bit undersized for the 1.5 hp B'port to be able to instantly reverse. I also have a 10hp WYN static on my 7.5 hp Summit 14 lathe (which has a whole bunch of electrical stuff like a transformer, contactors/relays,etc) and it has been working fine for the past few years that I have owned it,
thank you for the response, seems like there are a lot of strong opinions on the options for getting 3 phase.