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wood primer/filler


Sep 12, 2013
western pennsylvania
bought a older gerstner "dental tool kit" box that is leatherette covered. in poor shape. i removed the leatherette and it is mostly covered with residual glue. the box under the covering is plywood and finegrain partical board. . after sanding well, i want to use a primer that has a "filling" ability ,then resand before finishing. i am going to use a rustoleum black textured aerosol for top coat. any recommaditions for primer to use??
Nothing will stick, consolidate, & seal like fresh shellac prepared from flakes.

Saturate with a very thin cut.
Pad out some thicker coats and sand to suit.
Then topcoat.

Check compatibility of topcoat on a shellac'd surface beforehand, of course. It should be fine, unless the rustoleum has some alcohol in it.