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Woodworkers in Georgia &/or Armenia?

Any machinists or woodworkers in those countries that post here? Willing to consider a visit sometime in the coming year?
Not sure what my free time will shape up to be, i'd like to ski just to be able to claim having done it, if there's any snow left.
That aside, meeting other maker(s) in a shop would be fascinating.



Dec 17, 2012
Bussmans holiday. Ask any European machine mfgs that you may know. I have walked by smallish wood shops in Switzerland and have seen bigger firms around Swiss lakes regions where we vacation. But not visited. Wifey and I did visit a number of shops in Barbados for a few years. This is March 2023, good luck finding a ticket/hotel unless it is already booked. We are presently booking Sept 2023 in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Switzerland, finish at Hilton in Frankfort Main where we return either an Appliance Class BMW, or an M series. Most likely an M series. Got a coal burner M series last September. Fookin torque mountain.
Big Barbados shop had a unique dust control solution for its small stroke sander. Had its own small room and operator wore a mask. Closed the door, came out covered. Another shop had barefoot employees and shop consisted of 2 large shipping containers with trusses over a big open space, and a tin roof. Chicken wire ends, dirt floor.
I have resisted the urge to visit Striebig and Altendorf while over there. Resisted Trumpf, Weinig too.
But did Porsche Museum and factory tour, Mercedes museum too. Really liked the Merc Unimog with snow blower. 1100 tons per hour. Small snowbank imbedded cars not a problem.
Yeah, but you are clearly traveling to "destinations" where amenitiies, cost and availability are driven by demand from hordes of wealthy tourists.
Me, not so much.
Heck, friends i've worked with here still have a farm & live in Ukraine - i would ski in that country, but wife, let's just say, objects. Border crossing to for US citizens might be forbidden as well.

Anyway, if the chance avails to ski, it will be serendipity. Trip is defined by other interests.
OTOH, AFA shop visits, you never know who posts from where on PM.
We have had absolutely wonderful visits and contact with PM'rs in Scotland, Wales, and Spain, and serendipitous encounters with shops, pre-PM, in Portugal & other countries..
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Bill D

Apr 1, 2004
Modesto, CA USA
Seems like a unimog is pretty small and underpowered for a snowblower for road use. I believe the big ones here have another engine hung off the rear just to power the blower.
Bill D