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Work Offset Shift Not Working


Nov 24, 2018
Northern IL
Hi, everyone.

I have been messing with this all morning and can't figure out what I'm missing. Probing rectangular part, including Z, and having results stored to G54 work offset. I want to face off each of these parts, so I have implemented a -.015 Z shift. I have input this in the "z shift" field at the bottom of the Work Offsets page, I have tried inputting this in the "shift" tab on the Work Offsets page, and because I was running out of ideas I tried inputting it into the part setup Z shift box. Yet the face mill just keeps milling at Z zero, as input in the milling block, and not removing any material. I decided to try G55 instead as a troubleshoot, went through the same steps, and got the same result - not dropping .015 after probing part.

If I pick up the part in Part Setup, use the Z shift box, and delete the Work Offset blocks, it works correctly and faces .015 off the top. So that's what I have been doing this morning just to keep the machine running.

EDIT: This is a conversational program.

Thanks in advance,


Machine info:
- Hurco VMX30i
- WinMax Mill ST
- Renishaw OMP40-2
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