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WTB 10EE Midwest area preferred. VFD converted acceptable.


Cast Iron
Sep 4, 2012
Ann Arbor MI.
Hello folks.

I myself own 2 10EE's. One Original 1942MG and one Air tracer Square Dial converted to Servos.

I have a friend looking for a 10EE. It can be converted to VFD or with missing or non functional MG/Tube setup

Please text me at Seven 34 Eight three four 19eighty one. Nate is my name.

Can pickup if within a days drive and can pay cash. I have experience rigging and transporting these machines safely.

I hope to hear from you!

Nate in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Dealers Welcome.


Dec 18, 2021
What size are you looking for? A used machinery dealer listed one nearby a few days ago. I have some tooling I need to pick up from there so I wouldn't mind taking a look at it.


Cast Iron
Apr 11, 2005
Nomad, USA (Curr. IL)
If you are willing to consider a Hardinge HLV-H, I have one available and it is in the South Bend area, not too far from you. Listed right here on this forum.

I'm not going to get into the Monarch 10EE vs Hardinge HLV-H comparison as I don't have any real hands-on experience with the 10EE.

However, a machinist that does work for me has a 10EE, and I did notice the excellent feel of the handwheels/leadscrews. It felt like a Schaublin in good condition.

For the small-shop guys, I think the great mass of the 10EE (over 3000 lbs I believe) might be a factor. Weight aside, the 10EE is a beautifully designed machine and has an Art Deco style. Unique among machine tools.


Cast Iron
Jan 5, 2021
Ohio, USA
Check HGR in Ohio. I think they had a couple recently. But it might be a gem or it might need a lot of work. Hard to tell with them unless you inspect on site.