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WTB: 18" Camel Back (or similar) Straight Edge


Hot Rolled
Jan 5, 2021
Ohio, USA
I'm wanting to expand my horizons, so I am looking for an 18" straight edge as a reference for machine scraping. I need one that has both that flat reference surface as well as the 45 degree angled surface - I think they are referred to as "prismatic."

I know that I can buy a new casting from Martin Models & Patterns, but hoping to find something a bit more vintage and maybe save some money in the process. I need 18" as 12" is too short and 24" is a bit too long for what I want or need.

I'm OK with an unmachined casting. I've got alerts on Fakebook and ePay, but nothing has popped up that matches what I am looking for as of yet.