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WTB Axelson lathe

JW Machine

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I'm looking for something in the 16"-24" swing range, and 72" (up to about 120") between centers. I don't mind a project, but would rather find one that isn't worn out, and has its handles intact after years of dueling forklifts. Factory steady rests and other options/accessories preferred, as is original paint even if chipped and dirty.


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I thought it was odd that Axelson's were made in LA, until I found out that for the first 20 years or so of the 20th century, southern california produced 1/4 of the world's output of oil. So Oil Country lathes being made in the single largest oil field in the world (at that time) made sense. Axelson was making pumps and oil field equipment for almost 20 years before they started making lathes. Something like 9 billion barrels of oil has come out of the LA area alone.
SoCal Head had some new bearings.needs new lead screw,feed gear box missing shaft,tail stock locked up .16 x 86 I think.
I was going to raise it but never happened.


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That HGR machine looks rough, but a 4XXX serial number is mid 1950's production with toolsteel ways. Neat that it's a FoMoCo machine.

I'm glad I'm past the stage of my life where I feel like fixing up machines is a smart move otherwise I'd buy that thing in a heartbeat.