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WTB Bead Roll Die Set

M.B. Naegle

Feb 7, 2011
Conroe, TX USA
I'm looking for a bead roll die set to fit an old Pexto #544 (pictured). I need to form an approx. 1/8" double bead, side by side, like pictured below, in some short sheet metal pipes being formed from flat blanks via slip roll and some custom flush rivets to join the ends. Bead is to provide a raised pocket for cloth and a wire tie to locate into, so exact dimension isn't critical.

The ID will end up measuring 2 1/2" which would fit around one of these rolls, or I can form the beads first before putting the pieces through the slip roll.

I tried Whitney Roper and they were helpful but said they no longer sell various dies for my model. Figured I'd try here before I make my own from some A2 drops. I'm happy to buy a whole machine too if it has the requested dies attached.

Making multiples, but not mass producing, so I'm going to stick with the hand crank philosophy.