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WTB: chip coolant tank / conveyor for Makino A51, A61, or A55 HMC ...


Hot Rolled
Jul 17, 2008
Gainesville, FL
We bought a pair of A55e's a few years ago that spent their lives in a Siemen's manufacturing shop cutting HDPE at low spindle speeds and without the need for chip conveyors or coolant tanks. We later bought a new A51 with an upgraded Mayfram chip conveyor and installed the OEM chip conveyor from the A51 on the first of our older A55s, and it's worked like a charm.

Consequently, we would like to find another (preferably side-exit) chip conveyor for an A51 or A61 (we've been told they are basically identical) we can install on our second A55. If necessary, we'll look at purchasing a new "takeoff" through Makino, where their standard unit got upgraded with a Mayfram, like on our A51.

Any leads on a used coolant tank / chip conveyor would be greatly appreciated!