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WTB dovetail straight edge 12"-18"


Hot Rolled
Sep 17, 2014
San Diego, Ca
Just putting it out there, I have a project in mind and I am going to need a dovetail straight edge something around the 12-18". Scraped or rough casting will work but I would prefer a rough casting to cut down some cost. All my edges are to big to do the job properly. Not in a super rush, just doing some pre planning. Thanks for the time!
I’m happy with my 18 from Gary Martin.
I have a 12" from Gary Martin. I haven't machined it yet.

I do like the fact that Denis stress relieves all of his castings. He pours them all himself. I spoke with Gary at Cabin Fever Expo and he does outsource the foundry work as he is more of a pattern maker. But the 12" casting I have from him looks to be pretty good. There's a visible occlusion in the casting. I'm, not sure at this point if it will machine out or not.