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WTB DRO pinout adapter

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Oct 1, 2022
I know I am a new poster, so if I don't get any responses I understand...lol
I decided to install a low cost (China) DRO kit in my Bridgeport. It took multiple tries to get the company to actually send me the correct parts. They kept sending the wrong length scales, 2 axis display instead of 3 axis etc. Due to shipping costs and an obvious language barrier I ended up with MULTIPLE sets of scales, 2 displays and 1/2 my money refunded. they didn't want any of it returned. I ended up with enough parts to get the 3 axis up and running on my mill. I was left with a 2 axis display and several scales, 2 of which were perfect size for my old 14" Rockwell lathe. Problem is, the 2 axis display has a different pinout than the scales. One of the scales actually came with a small male to female inline pinout and it works. I am looking for another one of these adapters. If anybody has one that they got with scales or a kit and does not need it, I would love to buy it.


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Cast Iron
Jul 29, 2018
New England
You could just buy the connectors and wire them up to match the adapter that you have. Or you could buy a computer ASYNC communication cable and cut it and attach the conductors to match the wiring of your adapter.