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WTB - Heidenhain Readout for Deckel FP3


Cast Iron
Nov 10, 2020
Central Ohio
I am looking to buy a heidenhain 3 axis readout for my Deckel FP3.

The machine was missing the TNC Activ controller and I just want a standard readout for it.

The scales are still on the machine and use the old style round connectors.

I would like one that’s in good condition and doesn’t look beat.

If anyone has one laying around please reach out with some pictures and a price.

Thank you!


Jan 16, 2021
Hi! I have a very nice ND780 which is surplus because the linear encoders are toast. Works perfectly, clean and nice. Comes with the manual. I live in Sweden, but shipping would be reasonable I guess.

Best regards,

Lasse Svedberg