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WTS Anilam 5000M controller and associated components


Jan 1, 2021
recently retrofitted my machine, and the old controller is for sale. Located in Australia.

the controller was still working but had some issues that I couldn't fix myself and couldn't find anyone local who could fix it at the time so I swapped it out with a Centroid.

listing consists of the following:
1 x Anilam 5000M 4x controller (full 4 axis)
4 x AN-A40 (CAN IO boards)
1 x AN-A41 (MBIO Board)
1 x USB interface (floppy emulator)
1 x Console C/W tower lights
1 x New screen and screen controller (need new backlight drivers)
1 x full printed manual
1 x pile of cables
some other stuff I can't think of right now.

Known issues:

* Works fine sometimes, but throws errors other times. (I have been advised it is likely a power supply issue, but I do not know for sure)
* console keypads stopped working just prior to the system being removed. were previously working, I suspect it's a power supply issue but I'm not sure.
* LCD back-lights not working. LCD panel recently replaced, but it appears new LCD backlight drivers are required.

I'm having trouble posting photos, but I have heaps, so feel free to ask for specific photos, maybe I can email them to you.

I'm going to list it on eBay in the next week or so, giving you guys first dibs, make an offer.


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