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WTS: US Motors 2HP Variable Speed Drive

M.B. Naegle

Feb 7, 2011
Conroe, TX USA
I've been kicking this thing around for awhile now, but space and funds and stuff....

This monstrosity is a US Motors "reeves drive" type variable speed motor, same mechanics as the variable speed Bridgeport mill heads, but as a stand-alone 2 HP unit. It would be perfect to adapt to an old overhead-shaft driven machine (why I've saved it), however I gotta admit that it's size-to-power ratio coupled with the fact the VFD's have mostly made it obsolete, are bad points. Even still, if you're looking for simple electrical with finger-tip control, and have a sturdy deck to bolt it to behind or above your machine, it serves the purpose well.

It's been in storage for a long time but should be functional. I think I tried powering it up 15 years ago and the motor wanted to go but the belt was stuck (note that these things must be in motion when you adjust speeds), so I would recommend it be taken apart and cleaned up and it likely will need a new belt (not sure of the size). The ball crank for the speed selector is broken off, but there, and should be an easy repair. It works on 220/440v 3 phase and output ranges from 33 to 100 RPM (again, great for old/slow iron). It's too big to bolt into an existing motor's space and occupies approx. 24"x36" by 24" tall area. Mounting bolt area covers approx. 18"x24".

Is there any interest in a beast like this? It'll need to be picked up local in Conroe Texas, or I can crate it and get some LTL shipping quotes. Not sure what it's worth. Any offers?

(sorry the tag picture didn't come out well as the stamping's kinda shallow)