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WTS/WTT Possible South Bend 13" steady rest


Dec 14, 2019
I purchased this steady rest advertised as it being for a 13" South Bend as I just started restoring my late 50's 13". Unfortunately it doesn't fit my 13" as the center hole of the steady rest is too far towards the apron. I did a little research and it seems this might fit an earlier version of South Bend 13", I think it was the Series "o", but I am not completely sure, so it is up to you to figure out what measurements you need and I will be happy to take pictures of whatever you need on the steady rest. Here are a few photos, from the edge of the flat to the tip of the V seems to be right about 6.25", and from the tip of the V to the is right about 6.5". Thinking I can fit this and the clamp into a large flat rate box, so I figured I'd start at $300 shipped OBO.IMG_6618.jpgIMG_6619.jpgIMG_6620.jpgIMG_6621.jpgIMG_6622.jpg