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Xmas gift from 3 axis CNC


Dec 24, 2018
I'm not a very good holiday gift giver, but some of my most well-received gifts have been handmade trinkets. I've been pondering what I could come up with this year, and thought maybe I could use the VMC to make something unique that you couldn't get en masse. However, I'm struggling coming up with anything neat or thoughtful. Anybody got any interesting ideas?
key chain bottle openers are great. My daughters and I made my wife a little aluminium christmas tree out of bar stock ages ago that she still has. Nut crackers maybe? Cute stars for Christmas tree decorations?
Take an image, and dither it using any online image conversion tool to change it to a dithered image or dot size image. You can engrave that easily with lots of pecks.

I have in the past imported a dithered image into cad, and manually connected dots to make a sort of worm track path that made up the image. Very cool but very time consuming. I did it on a plasma cutter. I might make another for my sister this christmas.