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Xyz proturn lathes opinion


Feb 14, 2012

Do You know someone who is familiar with English company XYZ? I plan to buy their production lathe, model PROTURN SLX 355 (year of manufacture 2008), has anyone been working on these machines or on similar model? I'm looking for information about the durability and ease of use of these lathes. I would be grateful for any opinion...

we have one of these in our shop with the prototrak control on it.
if im honest i dont like it much as the control seems to pause when in motion as though it has to think about things.
(we have the same contol on a couple of vertical millers and they do the same too so my issue is with the control not the machine)
That said its very easy to program and not bad for repeatability either (but it is a new machine)
we got the 4 station indexing turret option and its not as versatile as the single toolholder option but does save you opening the cabinet to change tools all the time
as for the lathe mechanics, its not got as much power as i would like but thats probably because im used to bigger and better machines.
for a budget machine though they arent a bad choice.