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Y Axis way cover Wiper


Aug 27, 2021
My rear-left Y axis way cover in a 2018 DNM5700 got crunched. Does anyone know a source for replacement wipers?
Local dealer quoted a new wiper at $1200. LOL
You could fabricate one, but really, $1200 is cheap insurance against getting a load of swarf and gunk in your Y axis drive.
I used to work for DN/Doosan and we had plenty of horror stories of people trying to get around this, only to incur a $12k repair bill when the roller guides and ball screws get wiped out.
That looks like an otherwise minty machine. Really, I recommend you spend the few $.
Did you have to send yours in? Is there a rubber wiper under metal lip?
One of my concerns is getting material there and crushing the wiper.
No I didn't send mine in, I trimmed it to size myself. And yes there is rubber under the metal lip. It's one piece molded together.