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Yaskawa spindle drive


Dec 1, 2017
Help! I have an EMC with 5 hp. motor and Yaskawa 515/G5 spindle drive. Bought used, not under power.
Believed to be the original drive, but cannot verify. Rigid tap with 1000 line encoder.
The spindle does run ok 100-6000 rpm with max 1% deviation. This is from the display on the control and the drive itself and a handheld tachometer.

Only problem is, it won't respond to m19. Doesn't rotate at all. Just sits there and faults out after about 5 seconds.
The drive just isn't turning the spindle for the M19.

Where I'm at with diagnosis:
The drive is getting a good voltage signal (87mv) for the m19. 137 mv. for S100. I cross checked this with another good running Fadal and it has similar voltage signal values.
The pulley magnet and sensor are good since I can manually rotate the spindle after the M19 and it will go ahead and lock up fine with the clamp cylinder and change tools.
The machine has Wye/Delta contactors with a separate contact to jump terminal #17 to #5 on the spindle drive when it's in Delta mode (2600-6000 rpm)
The M19 forces "Delta" mode so this contact is made for the M19 event.
I have tried M19 with this 17-5 shorted and open; Delta and Wye, no difference.
I have tried changing the "spindle orientation factor" to no avail.

The parameters on the drive may have been tinkered with at some prior point.???

I need the original parameters for this drive.
I found the parameters for the "G7" drive but it's different.