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Yasnac Drives and boards, Fadal boards misc parts


Jan 25, 2009
I have the following and need it out as it’s taking up room. Everything is up for reasonable offer
Yaskawa MK1 7.5 spindle drive, pulled from Matsuura $500
Yaskawa cpcr 154 servo drive top boards , working when pulled
2 boards $180
2 Fadal 1010-4 axis boards, one works one don’t both $200
Various GE valutrol spindle drive board for DC motor, these are getting hard to find , all work , a couple new .$ 300 for all
Yasnac Mx1 mm01c board $150
2 Fanuc dc drives for yellow cap motors, supposed to work, no way to test both $200
Yasnac MX1/MX2 operator panel for Matsuura, $75 . With cables , none cut.
Thompson linear bearing blocks, 5 pc new. $75
Numerous MX1 boards for repair, cp01, cp03, mm01 .

Yasnac MM02b 16k ram board. $50

Delta tau 4 axis Pmac 2 with flex cpu $200

Delta tau Digital quad amp and 2 pcs accy 8f $300

2 new 32 space Grayhill G4 opto racks $100 . Used for testing.

Hitachi SJ 300 20 hp drive , 400v . Used for testing on Siemens spindle motor. Less the 20 hours, $1800 new in 2008. $1000.

Aprox 200 cat45 holders . Most have pull studs, some new. DA180, endmill holders, shell mill. TG holders $5 each or$ 300 for all of them.
Tool blocks for Brown &Sharpe VMC. Impossible to get if you still have any of these beasts. About 50 of them. Free if you come get them.

Email me for picture , I tried loading them, got told they were to big. To tired to fight with the internet..

Email [email protected]
321 345 0204