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Yasnac LX1 will not allow parameter write


Cast Iron
Aug 6, 2006
I have the system switch set to 1, but cannot write/change settings 6000-6004. Or ANY parameters.

I CAN only change settings 6160 and above, and parameters 6050 and above.

The control should be in inches, but it is currently in metric. Setting 6001: D0=0 (metric). I cannot change it back to inches.

The servos are in an alarm state, and some of the machine travel parameters are all zeros.

What else can cause a parameter lockout? And why only the lower parameters and settings.

The control powered up fine, and zeroed. We loaded a new program, and started to run, and it locked up. Shutting off the machine, and restart caused a 172, 173, 175 alarm, and the servo alarms.

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