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Ycm-40 servo drives

Cnc novice

Jun 28, 2022
I grabbed this ycm-40 mill with dynapath delta 20 brain and servo dynamics 1525 servo drives before it landed in the scrap yard.
With almost no experience in the cnc world I thought I would convert this mill into manual, it was to clean to throw away.
But after talking to the service tech, who informed me that it was complete and the computer was rebuilt by dynapath, I decided to hook everything up and put power to it. Seeing it come to life and all green lights on the computer I thought it may be feasible to get it operating as designed.
Finally to my issue, no response from the servo drives. The servo dynamics card carrier has 125 vac to it and 118 vdc from the big cap. The cooling fans work and there is 4 led's on each of 3 cards, none of which are illuminated. When I try to drive the servers from the control panel, it shows they are moving, but they are not. Eventually I get a x, y, or z servo error. All 3 axis are the same. What does all 3 have in common that would cause this issue? I've starred at it for hours and metered everything but this is way beyond my capabilities. Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance