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Yet another FANUC G31 / SKIP thread...


Oct 19, 2018
Hello all!

First time actually posting, I usually lurk a lot and am able to search for answers but I am somewhat at a loss here.

To the right people, this will be an extremely easy question to answer.

Scenario - I am trying to hook up a wired tool length setter into a Fanuc 16i-m on a 2000 Robodrill. This is a simple wired setter for breakage detection, there is no manufactured interface box like Renishaw or anything. From everything I can find, I pretty much understand what is needed but have a question I need confirmation for.

Fanuc SKIP input is by default, pin XT4-12, which has the address of X4.7 . I have located that pin on my hardware, no problem there.

Per FANUC manual B-63523EN-1 (Connection manual), parameter 6200.1 can be used to treat the signal as sourcing or sinking.

I have found some forum posts that reference making this type of connection between pin XT4-12 and pin XT4-10. I can not find any type of reference or diagram to explain what pins are what on the XT4 connection, so I am not sure if pin 10 is a ground or a supply, or an input/output....

The reason that I am concerned about it, is that I have read - with no reference to the exact board numbers or models (so I can not be sure), that some SKIP signals are wired to talk directly to the computer, whereas some go through the PMC. Which means one has a max voltage of 11.7volts (I think) and some will work fine with 24v. I need to be sure that it is connecting to an actual ground, and not an output that is temporarily low, etc.

Because this isn't through an interface box like the Renishaws, I have no idea how those boxes run the signal(sourcing or sinking) and am unsure about how a simple mechanical switch would function the same or differently.

If anyone knows what the best practice for this is, I would appreciate the information. Or if anyone has the correct manuals or a direction to point me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for the help.