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Z zero? Mitsubishi Meldas M64s/Akira Seiki Mi645

Veteran Bicycle

Oct 12, 2013
San Francisco, CA
Here I am, at a new job with another Mitsubishi Meldas M64s control, this time dressed up as an Akira Seiki Performa SR3 and the control is branded Akira Mi645. It’s a smaller VMC, but largely a similar experience, however it’s been several years since I’ve worked with this control.

I already managed to convert the machine to metric, and set the tool touch off position so that the tool length offsets actually match the real tool length. I’m not entirely certain what the previous setup was, but the offsets were all 12” to 16” long, which made no sense to me.

After I load the Haimer probe (T99), the DRO doesn’t seem to load a length offset, so when setting the Z in G54 I have to do add the machine position to the Haimer length. I vaguely remember having to do this before, too.

Is there a way to respect the Haimer‘s length when setting G54, so it’s just touch and go? If so, how?