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Nice job Jim. I would be interested in your STL files. I have recently procured a south bend 16 x 60 and am in the process of restoring it. I am lacking a threaded back plate and chuck. any ideas?

I have a milling machine Tos fng 63 with Tnc 360 controller. After plc program is translated i have some plc errors. Due missing electric schematics from cabinet ,its hard to understand where the problem is. Another problem is that its not clear what are this faults meaning.

Is there anybody with knowledge on this?

Thank you in advance
Please have someone contact me regarding issues with Synergy 735 coolant in our new Haas machine.
Don Cyr
Wilde Mfg.
[email protected]
Blaser Swisslube
Blaser Swisslube
Hi there! We are so sorry for the delayed response. We will send this over to your local representative right away and they will reach out directly. Thank you!
ISL Products International Ltd. presents the 12VDC Planetary Gear Motor—a powerful and efficient machine that can be used for a variety of purposes. With its precision-engineered gears and high-quality construction, this motor is built to last.