Global Material Handling Manufacturer Awards 2024 Scholarship Funds to Undergraduate Supply Chain Student

July 3, 2024 7:32 am

In partnership with MHI – the industry that makes supply chains work, Hänel awarded a $2,000 scholarship to support undergraduate students pursuing degrees in material handling, logistics and/or supply chain management.

“We are honored to support the future workforce of the supply chain industry,” said Brian Cohen, Chief Executive of Hänel Storage Systems.

The 2024 Hänel Storage Systems Honor Scholarship was awarded to Eamon Walsh. Eamon will be a freshman studying Business Analytics at George Washington University.

“I am incredibly grateful to Hänel Storage Systems for this opportunity. The financial assistance provided by this scholarship will be instrumental in allowing me to achieve my educational and career goals. Thank you for investing in my future,” said Eamon, who plans to enter the workforce after graduation in 2028.

Administered by the Material Handling Education Foundation Inc. (MHEFI), the Hänel Storage Systems Honor Scholarship aligns with MHEFI’s mission to provide financial support for educational programs to cultivate and retain talent for the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry. The program has been active for over 46 years

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