Adapting Design Process to 5-Axis Machining

Source: June 28, 2018 9:40 am

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5-Axis machining has become a standard in the machining industry. The advanced technology allows machinists to cut production time, obtain better quality on the outputs and improve the overall process.

Although extremely beneficial in terms of time and costs, the adoption of this technology comes with challenges, especially for mechanical engineers.

Mechanical engineers, indeed, often deal only with designs and many rarely crossover to directly to machining and manufacturing. For this reason, it can be difficult for them to change their design process to adapt to the new machines.

The key to succeeding in this step is rethinking the design for manufacturability workflow.

Only after rethinking the workflow and understanding that 5-axis machining is a realizable production technique for even simple parts, the mechanical engineer will start to take advantage of the improvements that this technique brings – of which there are many.

Innovation is at the heart of manufacturing and moves fast. Companies that are capable to embrace it will see the benefits of it, but innovation starts from adaptation.



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