Top 5 Digital Micrometers for Machinists

June 25, 2019 1:05 pm

Micrometers are one of the most important tools for any machinist. They are extremely precise tools that, if well maintained and accurately calibrated, will last forever. Ask anyone in your job shop how old their mic is, and you’ll find out that most of them will have likely been around for decades.

Micrometers, like other tools, tend to be passed down from father to son or from retiring mentors to young apprentices. If you are one of the lucky machinists who inherited such a valuable instrument, the only advice we can give you is to take good care of it.

If you are not one of them—or you are one of them, but you are considering purchasing a new model—we are here to help you find the best digital micrometer for your needs.

Digital micrometers, unlike their analog counterparts, have a digital display that makes it easier to read measurements. If you are looking for alternatives to digital mics, check out our ultimate guide to micrometers.

When it comes to precision tools, our advice is to always invest in a tool that will last long and measure precisely and consistently. We understand, however, that sometimes your budget might not allow that, so we’ve included some more affordable models that will also help you get the job done.

Here are the top five models that we recommend:


5. iGaging 0-1″ Digital Electronic Micrometer

Ideal for machinists on a budget, the iGaging Large Display Digital is an easy-to-read micrometer for measuring very small items. Connect it to a computer’s USB port to input the dimensions directly into your favorite design program.

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4. VINCA DMCA-0105 Digital Outside Micrometer with Carbide Tip 0-1″

A surprisingly reliable micrometer at an affordable price. The hard carbide tips make it more durable than other models in the same price range. 

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3.  STARRETT 3732XFL-1 0-1″ Electronic Micrometer

The brand says it all. Investing in a Starrett micrometer means investing in quality and durability. Without any doubt one of the best models in the market.

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2. Brown & Sharpe 599-100 Digital Micromaster Micrometer, 0-1.2″ 

This micrometer’s electronic microprocessor can hold measurements at any position, convert to absolute value, set a temporary zero position, and return to a true zero reading.

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1.Mitutoyo 293-185, 0 – 1″ IP65 QuantuMike

One of the most appreciated brands by Practical Machinist’s members. The Mitutoyo 293-185 Quantumike is IP65 coolant proof rated and features carbide-tipped measuring faces suitable for use in harsh working conditions. You can take accurate, reliable readings with its consistent pressure.

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In the end, micrometers are instruments that will stay with you throughout your career.

Choose your model wisely, use it carefully and calibrate it frequently. Follow these three easy pieces of advice and you will see that your investment will pay off.


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  • Walker says:

    You didn’t even mention how much faster it is to run the thimble in and out on a quantumike. It’s game changing.

  • I have found that the Mitutoyo brand of digital micrometers is the best when it comes to repairing them. They have the best parts drawings and the best in stock availability of all of their parts. Straight forward to repair also.

  • Westy says:

    Quantamike is the pinicle in today’s market, none of these other micrometers even come close at the moment

  • Eddiet20 says:

    Agree with all above, I have been an instrument repair tech for 30+ years, originally trained at Mitutoyo, Starrett and those cheap chinamade micrometers are just garbage…

  • Fritoeata says:

    +1 Quantumike.
    I only wish they had the larger ones at a more reasonable price aaaaand more availability.

    The Mit digi’s are the heads and shoulders best IMO.

  • Boomer says:

    I have a Mitutoyo 193 series mike I got I 1973 it is still work good

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