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Source: Canadian Metalworking October 18, 2018 2:50 pm

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In the modern metalworking industry productivity and efficiency are the key. Machining centers manufacturers and tooling suppliers are well aware of that.
They picked up the challenge by developing new generations of multi-spindle machining centers operating with specific tools developed to ensure precision and quality with minimal setup time.

Tooling suppliers, in particular, must also adapt to developments in the aerospace, aviation, and medical industries that have necessitated machining high-temperature or exotic materials with maximum efficiency. In particular, the application of coolant with high (or ultra-high) pressure, directly to the working area to increase efficiency and chip flow, requires a suitable tooling package.

Multi-spindle machines save space at a manufacturing facility and can reduce tool inventory by using combined tools for sequential operations and decrease setup time by assembly and adjustment of the same tool for each spindle.

Said machines are used without Z-axis compensation to facilitate the axial adjustment needed to achieve overlength precision. This ensures part repeatability over all spindles and reduces cutting time, because a more precise cut pass is made.

Several methods can be used to accomplish the goals of precision and high output…


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