MakeTime is making changes to the way America makes things

April 27, 2015 1:45 pm

For years, the story of U.S. manufacturing has been that its best days are over. However, MakeTime Inc. (MakeTime), a Kentucky-based startup, is rewriting that story by doing for manufacturing what cloud services have done for computing.

Similar to the capacity-sharing model behind industry-disruptors like Uber and Airbnb, MakeTime is a network of machine-owners from all over the United States. With MakeTime, anyone needing to fabricate a part can post their project to the Marketplace and immediately access 100,000s of hours of available machine capacity. Conversely, shops with idle capacity can quickly post their spare hours to the Marketplace. The process is leaner and quicker than anything currently available.

Drura Parrish, CEO and founder of MakeTime, says, “For machine shop owners, the seasonal fluctuation in workloads is and has always been a big problem. Some months are so crazy that jobs have to be turned down or delayed. Some months are dreadfully slow. Capacity-sharing is a solution for both sides.”

“You can purchase time on someone else’s machine until you know—without a doubt—that you have the work to warrant purchasing an additional machine,” says Parrish. This means less capital expenditure, less risk when you purchase more overhead and more efficiency across the entire manufacturing industry.

Another group that MakeTime seeks to encourage is the growing “Maker” community. This growing movement of DIY-minded entrepreneurs represents—by some estimates—as many as 100 million Americans. These are individuals with big ideas and a penchant for “doing”. They are developing the prototypes for the next generation of consumer products. MakeTime takes the work to the next level and brings it to the wider marketplace. While some makers have been daunted by the complex world of manufacturing, MakeTime’s services enable makers to find the right means to create their product. It’s as simple as sending a file to the printer.

The operative mindset for MakeTime is “ease.” Parrish says that MakeTime “makes it as easy for entrepreneurs, designers and makers to purchase manufacturing capacity as it is to purchase server bandwidth on the cloud.” Previously, it was necessary to follow a complicated RFQ process, but MakeTime leveraged the lessons learned from online marketplaces to make the purchase of machine time as simple as possible. At the same time, it uses an eBay-style feedback system to ensure both machine-owners and makers are thoroughly satisfied with the experience.

By speeding up access to open machines and facilitating flexibility in manufacturing, MakeTime is positioned to become the pipeline that fuels the revitalization of American manufacturing.

Please visit or call 1-844-625-3846 for more information.

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