Manufacturers solve problems internally, bring training in-house

February 19, 2018 4:13 pm

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Manufacturers are developing in-house (and hands-on) training programs to help bridge the skills gap in the manufacturing industry. By establishing apprenticeships, businesses like DeWys Manufacturing Inc., Steelcase Inc., and Genzink Steel Supply and Welding Co. are not only committed to investing in their current employees, but in future generations as well.

Now in year five, the program is changing, but in a “good way,” said Jon DeWys, president of DeWys Manufacturing, a metal fabrication company with 175 employees.

“What we have been doing is refining those (curriculums),” DeWys told MiBiz. “Our business was trying to make things better. You’re always trying to prove your quality and to (deliver) what our customers want. What we are finding with DeWys University is we have to apply that continuous improvement activity.”

The program “was the right thing to do” even if, on paper, it didn’t make financial sense, DeWys said, noting that the program has clear outcomes in developing people, their skill sets and their proficiencies.



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