BENZ Inc. IMTS 2018 Products Preview

July 31, 2018 3:45 pm

BENZ Incorporated is the technological leader for the production of tooling systems for the woodworking, plastics, composites and metalworking industry. BENZ has a vast variety of tooling such as Right Angle Heads, Live Tools, Spindle Speeders and Drill Blocks, just to name a few. With years of knowledge developed through a proud engineering tradition, BENZ prides itself on meeting the demand for high-quality solutions for a wide variety of applications.

This year at IMTS 2018, BENZ will be showcasing a few of their new product releases in Booth #432445:

The BENZ NanoFix® modular quick-change system is designed for Swiss-type tooling with minimal spindle center distance. Utilizing a Torx locking mechanism, the NanoFix® adapter can be released and removed with just one hand.  BENZ NanoFix® is a smart alternative for hard-to-reach ER collets while providing much greater rigidity than other quick-change systems. Featuring high concentricity of 5 μm on 30 mm, repeatable accuracy, short projection and play-free centering of tapering tool changes can be done right in the machine.

The broaching unit BENZ LinA for lathes has been completely revised. With its new, compact design the new BENZ LinA 4.0 is lighter and much more rigid, yet capable of up to 1,500 strokes per minute. Easily fine-tuned and with a standard gear ratio of 2:1 this unit can power through many more materials with minimal or no vibration, greatly improving the service life of the cutter. Internal coolant is possible even through the plunger, improved materials guarantee tightness against leaks.

Come see how you can change the rotary motion of our live tool turret into a linear motion for broach and spline machining on any turning center, perform linear I.D. & O.D. broaching, machine splines, torx and hex shapes – all with the same live tool. Easily gather performance data with the added BENZ feature, which is available on the new BENZ LinA 4.0.

BENZ polishing units ensure even, smooth surfaces for your CNC machining center. They guarantee consistently high surface quality – in a fraction of the former production time. These units take on time-consuming tasks that up to now had been done manually. The first unit takes care of the application and distribution of the polishing agent. A small amount of polishing agent is applied when the unit is positioned on the workpiece. The second unit takes care of polishing. And the best thing: Both holders can be used with commercially available polishing pads, ensuring maximum flexibility for you.

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