Captive Locating Screws and Jig Pins

January 22, 2018 2:39 pm

New Captive Locating Screws and Captive Jig Pins from Carr Lane Mfg. Co. are quick-acting, all-in-one assemblies to keep all tooling right at hand. Both assemblies have a precision-ground body that is positively retained in a locking bushing, with a spring clip that snaps into the body’s radial groove. In addition, spring pressure holds the products in place, an advantage especially if the fixture is turned upside down while handling.

Captive Locating Screws can be used for locating and clamping in one action, or for clamping only, by selecting the appropriate screw length. Captive Locating Screws are available with a socket-head, hand-knob, or swivel-washer hand-knob, each in a wide selection of diameters and lengths. Watch for expanded product offerings later this year.

Captive Jig Pins provide quick-acting location without clamping, and also offer positive retention in a locking bushing. These pins are available in several locating diameters and have an integral shoulder to keep the handle raised. For more information, contact Carr Lane Mfg. Co. 4200 Carr Lane Ct., St. Louis, MO 63119, 314-647-6200,, [email protected].

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