FELSOMAT USA to Host Oktoberfest Open House October 28, 2021

October 4, 2021 9:01 am

Schamburg, Illinois – Although the COVID-19 pandemic has loosened its grip on the world, we’re still facing difficult travel conditions. The machining experts at Felsomat USA didn’t want you to have to miss another Oktoberfest celebration just because you can’t make it to Germany – so they’re bringing the Oktoberfest celebration to their USA headquarters in Schaumburg, IL! Join the Felsomat USA team on Thursday, October 28 from 11 am – 7 pm for delicious German beers, traditional tasty treats, and the opportunity to explore their innovative technologies in person. To register, visit www.felsomatinnovationday.com.

Guests visiting Felsomat USA’s Innovation Day on June 10, 2021

What You’ll See

You might not see all the activities you’ll typically find at Oktoberfest during the Felsomat event, BUT you won’t even miss it. Why? Because the team at Felsomat has prepared an amazing schedule full of live machining demonstrations, exciting technology presentations, and networking opportunities that allow you to catch up with industry experts… in addition of course to German beers and treats.

Two highlights of the open house will be the FHC 180 Gear Hobbing machine and the Crankshaft Deburr System

Guests enjoy delicious food on June 10, 2021 at Felsomat USA Innovation Day

FHC 180 Gear Hobbing Machine

This complete system consists of a gear hobbing machine that includes gear chamfering and a load + unload automation system. If you’re looking to ramp up your production and decrease down time in your gear production, this system is the answer! The machine will load and unload parts automatically, and then when the hobbing is complete will automatically chamfer the gear and load the part onto alloys for heat treatment. Not only will this improve your processing times, but it will also improve part quality and minimizing clamping errors. Can you afford not to come see it?

Felsomat FHC 180 Gear Hobbing Machine

Crankshaft Deburr System

Deburring can be complicated, and precision during the process is essential. Ensure perfection with the innovative crankshaft deburr system from Felsomat. With this complete system, you’ll be able to deburr all oil holes and cross holes in the crank with one system. This complete system will also allow you to chamfer the holes, includes robotic loading and unloading with precision location at the deburr station, allows for the attachment of a gear on the end of the crankshaft using heat stake operation, and the loading / unloading from dunnage while preventing damage to the crank.

These amazing systems are just the beginning of the innovation that you’ll experience at Felsomat USA’s Oktoberfest. Let them know you’ll be attending by visiting www.felsomatinnovationday.com.

Felsomat Crankshaft Deburr System


At Felsomat, our best-in-class automation solutions are designed and developed with innovation in mind. We understand and embrace our customers constant need to change and we help them achieve these goals with our flexible automation solutions. This flexibility and innovation ensure our customers not only remain competitive, but lead.

Felsomat laser welder in action

Guests get a good look at the Felsomat laser welder, looking over the twin entry/exit conveyors for RDU and PTU parts. The Fanuc robot loads the laser cleaned and pressed part into the Felsomat laser welder with Trumpf 6kW laser

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