Gain Versatility and Reduce Costs with Seco X-Head Quick-Change Milling Head System

September 19, 2022 11:18 am

To provide manufacturers versatility and high value, Seco has launched its new X-Head quick-change replaceable milling head system. With the system, users can quickly and easily change between various solid-carbide milling geometries and types to optimize milling operations while reducing manufacturing costs and tooling inventories.

Fast and easy tool changes with the turn of a wrench
Milling heads mount to a variety of available shank lengths for even greater versatility, with short and long-reach capability for a variety of overhang lengths. Head changes only require a simple turn of a wrench, eliminating the need to remove the holder from the machine to change the cutter. Users also eliminate the need to reset tool lengths thanks to a secure and reliable connection that provides exchange accuracies within 50 microns.

X-Head Quick-Change Milling Head System

One tool mills it all
According to Gary Meyers, Seco Product Manager Solid Milling, shops must often purchase many different endmills and holders to machine different features on a workpiece which adds higher costs to a project. “The Seco X-Head quick-change replaceable milling head system adapts to various machining needs with a range of geometries and types but without additional holders,” he said.

With 194 types of available cutting heads, users can choose between different cutters for multiple operations as well as between specific high-performance, versatile high-performance and universal type geometries. Seco also offers metric and inch products for heads and shanks.

For more information on the features and specifications of the new X-Head system, visit the milling head systems page at

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