Introducing the AIPocket™ Arc Ion Plating PVD Coating System

January 18, 2017 3:53 pm

Buffalo Grove, IL – The AIPocket™ PVD coating system puts Kobelco’s industry-leading AIP™ technology into a compact, versatile system for coating inserts, shaft tools, hobs, molds and smaller parts for the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.  A flexible, easy-to-use system that employs Kobelco’s latest cathode technology, while maximizing productivity with faster cycle times and easy-to-change targets.  Recipes are repeatable and adjustable, producing quality coating loads time after time.AIPocket Photo

The AIPocket™ is capable of all arc-based coatings, including TiN, TiCN, TiALN , CrN as well as multi-alloyed, multi-layered and nano recipes. Our latest etching technology, Filament Assisted Pulse Etching or FAPE™, can also assist in coating even more difficult shapes presented by molds and hobs. All coating is controlled by our proprietary KCoating™ software on a touch panel screen.  Recipes, parameters, alarms and data logs are presented in an easy-to-use, real-time logical display.  KCoating™ can also be monitored off-site by cellphone app as well as linked to Kobelco’s technical support staff for real-time troubleshooting.

If your company is new to PVD coating, Kobelco will be there to support your turn-key start up.

Our North American Sales Office and Demonstration Center, KOBAC, will be your source for the following:

  • Operational and Maintenance Training – On site or at KOBAC (near Chicago, IL USA)
  • On-staff Process Engineer for troubleshooting and next day in-person service support
  • Real-time tech support over internet with KCoating™
  • Spare parts sourcing
  • Turn-key support for sourcing peripheral equipment and custom fixtures (jigs)
  • Easy to source key components like pumps, power supplies for long-term maintenance
  • Back up coating capacity at KOBAC with contract
  • Standard 100mm diameter planar targets which can be sourced from various vendors

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