February 27, 2018 11:14 am

Koma Precision, Inc. is proud to introduce the new Index Line angle heads from Alberti – the manufacturer of high quality state-of-the-art angle heads. For over 35 years, Alberti has been providing the most innovative range of products that are extremely reliable and enable manufacturing in strict tolerances.

In the forefront of product development and with the aim of meeting the need of performing machining operations in several directions, Alberti has developed a combined system made by a swiveling module and a standard angle head. The main characteristic of the system, unique in its kind, is the possibility of rotating and then positioning the head automatically, using the controlled axis of the machine spindle. The technology inside the module allows the “anchoring” of the head with the machine spindle to achieve an automatic position in the machining direction and operate like a standard angle head using the spindle rotation.

The system is operated by 6- bar compressed air through the stop pin or by a closed hydraulic circuit controlled by a piston. The entire system can be automatically exchanged by the tool changer and can mount heads with collet capacity up to a diameter of 10 mm. Now it’s possible to use a single head for multiple operations, to avoid additional workpiece setups or tool changes and to carry out various machining processes with a single solution. One head, 360 ways of using it. Alberti believes in continuous improvement and has been reinvesting a significant portion of their total turnover in research and development.


About Koma Precision, Inc.:

Since 1982, Koma Precision, Inc. has served machine tool builders and end users by supplying the world’s highest quality attachments and accessories through a nationwide distributor network. We are the exclusive importer, national distributor and service center for Tsudakoma, Alberti, Romai, Elbo Controlli and Inbis. Our 25,000 square foot headquarters located in East Windsor, Connecticut, USA houses sales, marketing, application engineering, product and parts inventory, repair and rebuilding service support operations. Koma Precision, Inc. remains dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and getting the job done right.

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