Kurt’s New Robotic Gripper and Versatilelock Pneumatic Vise Simply Automation

April 21, 2021 8:16 am

Kurt Workholding and Absolute Machine Tools have teamed up to create an easy and smart way to introduce turnkey automation in your shop. The exclusive package features a Mitsubishi LoadMate Plus, Kurt 3600A Pneumatic Vise and Kurt RV36 Robotic Gripper working in tandem with a Tongtai VP-10 mass-production high-speed vertical machining center.

Minneapolis, Minn. – Our distribution partners at Absolute Machine Tools have created an automation package featuring a Mitsubishi LoadMate Plus, Kurt 3600A Pneumatic Vise and Kurt RV36 Robotic Gripper working in tandem with a Tongtai VP-10 mass-production high-speed vertical machining center.

The Mitsubishi LoadMate Plus Machine Tending Robotic Cell was a collaboration between Absolute Machine Tools and Mitsubishi Electric. “Absolute is very excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with Mitsubishi Electric to design and build the new LoadMate Plus robotic automation cell. In fact, we are currently the only distributor able to sell the LoadMate Plus because it hasn’t been formally introduced to all distribution channels across the U.S. market,” said Courtney Ortner, Absolute Machine Tools Director of Marketing. “So, this is a big deal for both Absolute’s A+ Automation Team and Kurt Workholding Automation Products.” The LoadMate Plus is virtually a “plug & play” machine tending robotic cell. Along with a Kurt RV36 Gripper and Kurt’s automation-ready pneumatic and hydraulic workholding solutions, it’s a smart and easy way to integrate automation into a shop’s production processes.

The Tongtai VP-10 has X, Y, and Z axis travels of 40.2″ x 20.1″ x 23.6″ (1021 mm x 510 mm x 600 mm). High power servo motors produce 1,890 IPM (48 m/min) in X and Y, and 1,417 IPM (36 m/min) in Z. Acceleration in X, Y, and Z is 1.18G, 1.0G, 0.7G respectively. Standard 10K RPM 20HP direct drive spindle, and tool changer that can hold as many as 30 tools. The standard Mitsubishi M80A control features a 10.4″ (265 mm) touch screen.

Also featured in the demo package is the Kurt 3600A VersatileLock pneumatic vise and RV36 Robotic Gripper. Designed for precision clamping, the vise’s “Pull-type” action and AngLock® jaws reduces stationary jaw deflection by at least 80%. A one-piece body and stationary jaw design reduce weight and increase strength while providing .0005 clamping repeatability. The new RV36 Robotic Gripper offers the versatility of customizable, quick-change fingers in a compact, cost-effective package. Pneumatically actuated Steel or Aluminum finger configurations are available and attach to the vise using pull studs for changeability with a maximum payload of 50 lbs.

“Pull-stud equipped, quick-change fingers allow a robot to change gripper fingers while still in operation without manual intervention,” said Kevin Rinehart, Absolute Machine Tools Sr. Automation Engineer. “This kind of technology is a huge benefit to reducing cycle time and eliminates manual changeovers, allowing a shop’s operator to be away from the cell to perform other responsibilities or more value-added tasks.”

Absolute Machine Tool customers can purchase Kurt Vises and RV36 Grippers as part of a package with the Tongtai VP-10 and Mitsubishi LoadMate Plus. The LoadMate Plus also packages as a stand-alone robot cell using an RV-8 Mitsubishi robot.

Absolute Machine Tools and Kurt Workholding understand that incorporating effective automation into your manufacturing productivity process is essential to remain competitive and profitable. We take the guess work out of it, allowing companies to do what they do best: produce parts with minimal inefficiencies.

Kurt’s automation workholding can help your business thrive and grow. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company thrive with enhanced safety and productivity.


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