Master Fluid Solutions Launches TRIM® HyperSolTM 888NXT for Aerospace

August 5, 2020 2:20 pm

Master Fluid Solutions launches TRIM® HyperSolTM 888NXT to meet the unique and complex needs of the aerospace industry.

Perrysburg, Ohio – Global leader in metalworking fluids, Master Fluid Solutions, launches new product tailored to the unique and complex needs of the aerospace industry. HyperSolTM 888NXT is a formula that was created specifically for machining hard metals like titanium, stainless steel, and nickel-based alloys such as Inconel®, which are commonly used in aerospace applications. The premium-grade water-soluble metalworking fluid replaces soluble oils that contained harmful sulfur molecules, which caused corrosion, created odor, and damaged the metal being machined.

HyperSolTM 888NXT was designed to be operator- and machine-friendly. Master Fluid Solutions’ industry-leading R&D team spent several years testing different combinations of ingredients and formulations to create this fluid, which provides the much-needed lubricity, improved machine life, and safer working conditions that the aerospace industry demands.

Master Fluid Solutions, launches TRIM® HyperSolTM 888NXT for Aerospace

“After a lot of testing, we’re pleased to release a metalworking fluid that can act like a soluble oil but without the drawbacks,” said John Treese, Director of Global Training at MFS. “Customers in all highly technical industries that face a challenge in improving productivity and machined part quality with tight tolerance specifications can leverage the superior technology built into this product.”

HyperSolTM 888NXT is a patented, neo-synthetic precision machining fluid that is designed to pass aerospace approval testing requirements. It delivers low foam, low odor, and a long lifespan in the sump and meets stringent environmental regulations.

“We took a very thoughtful approach to creating HyperSolTM 888 NXT to make sure it didn’t just meet technical requirements. Instead, we listened to our partners in aerospace and designed a cutting fluid that would help them meet their bigger needs: better parts in less time, with less waste and need for finishing” said Ahmed Tahir, Global VP of Strategy and Marketing.

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About Master Fluid Solutions — Master Fluid Solutions, working closely with the worldwide metalworking community, develops and markets a full line of environmentally sound, extremely durable and stable cutting and grinding fluids, straight oils, parts cleaners, pipe and tube expansion, forming, and corrosion control fluids under the TRIM®, WEDOLiTTM, and Master STAGESTM brands. Master Fluid Solutions’ XYBEX® fluid management systems lower their customers’ total cost of operations. Master Fluid Solutions is committed to the safety of the people who use their products, the protection of the planet, and the overall impact on their customers’ profitability. Master Fluid Solutions is proud to have been named in the Top 10 in “Top Workplaces” in the Toledo, OH area for seven consecutive years. For further information about Master Fluid Solutions or their products, find a local distributor to contact at, call +1 800-537-3365, or visit their website at

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