Material Specific Carbide Burrs

January 11, 2018 2:44 pm

Precision Twist Drill Carbide Burrs

The Precision Twist Drill brand continues to expand with the addition of the new PrecisionLight Carbide Rotary Burrs.

This new range consists of two new material specific geometries. The Double Cut (DC) geometry is suitable for machining steels, while the Aluminum Cut (FM) is for machining Aluminum and other Non-Ferrous materials. Available in a variety of shapes, both offer improved operator control and generate less temperature which, in turn, increases tool life and productivity.

These latest designs offer improved performance and up to 50 per cent higher metal removal rates, compared to standard carbide burrs. In addition, the new Type A, B, C or D Fiberglass Routers (FGR) are for machining fiberglass and composite materials.

Available with Plainend (type A), Burend (type B), Millend (type C) and Drillend (type D), these designs will reduce splintering and improves the quality and finish at the entry and exit surfaces.

To support the introduction, we have added three new Doublecut (DC) sets to the burrs assortment and one new Aluminumcut (FM) set.  Two sets consist of twelve pieces and two sets consist of eight pieces.  This includes an extra small diameter set and a medium diameter set in the Doublecut (DC) type as well as two medium to large diameter sets, one in the Doublecut (DC) type and one Aluminumcut (FM) type.

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