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February 7, 2018 5:19 pm

AUTOFILL: Your Liquid Dispenser, Only Smarter

Rochester, IN – As of this writing there are approximately 20,000 machine shops in the United States of America with a combined annual revenue of $37,000,000,000.1 Efficiency is paramount to claim a healthier portion of that revenue. One of the simplest ways to save money that is commonly overlooked, is monitoring and maximizing your machine coolant. Spills account for a large part of metal working fluid loss. A 55-gallon spill could cost an average $2371.50 when using a national remediation service.2 Well over six-figure remediation costs are not unheard of in larger facilities. Spills are costly in time, money, and emotional well-being.

What if there were a way to virtually eliminate human error from the dispensing process?

Jason Hudkins, Owner; Lyntech Engineering, was inspired to prevent spills from ever happening again in his facility. The shop was closed for Thanksgiving weekend, but he had to go there on Friday for one reason or another. He walked onto the shop floor to find two inches of coolant on the floor, an empty coolant drum, and the water still running from an open ball valve. Undoubtedly, it cost him a great deal of precious time and money to clean up the mess. He searched the internet for any kind of product that would prevent machine coolant spills. He found nothing that would fix this issue without creating more work and taking more time. He set his mind on fixing the problem. So, he invented AUTOFILL. AUTOFILL is a patent pending automatic liquid dispenser designed to automatically dispense and shut off at a user-programmed amount.

“Once the unit is programmed, just press the button and walk away”, Mr. Hudkins states straightforwardly.

Since its inception in March 2017, AUTOFILL has developed four different models from barrel/tote mount to magnet mount/wall mount. They are the AF-1, AF-2, AF-3 and the revolutionary AF-4. Each unit can be used to automatically dispense any non-combustible or non-caustic liquid in concise, user-programmed amounts.

Houghton, Blaser, General Dynamics, and Honda are among those who have enjoyed the benefits by saving time and money implementing AUTOFILL as a part of their continuous improvement/kaizen strategies. According to machining industry leaders from manufacturers, to suppliers, to some of the largest machine shops in the world; AUTOFILL is one of those products that will revolutionize the industry.

Magna Powertrain of America, Inc. attests of AUTOFILL, “… top of the line system and useful to a lot of companies”.

It achieves this by streamlining workflow as well as efficiently tracking material usage. A leading coolant manufacturer rigorously tested straight oil water droplets with a 1:1 refractive factor. AUTOFILL scored very well. Which means the eco-friendly AUTOFILL will consistently maximize coolant use which, in turn, helps extend cutting tool life.

Up to almost 1800% faster dispensing times have been recorded vs. conventional dispensing.3 The practical application is literally a one-touch solution… just push the button and walk away. Even simpler, start and stop from the machine’s control interface with the AF-4’s handshaking capability. Find out how to make AUTOFILL your liquid dispenser, only smarter.

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